The bane of our existence… WIND!!!!

We hate wind in this house. Not the weather kind but the newborn struggling to bring it up kind. 

Actually thats a lie we think adult wind is funny unless its a evacuation of the room type of blow out (come on be honest flatulence is funny)

Its baby wind we despise. 

Some people are fab at bringing up wind others mmmm not so good. Me I’m in the middle. If its during the day and I dont have to see to Max because for example his tipped his entire plate onto the floor then im a fab winder.Its all about having the time which sounds mean but with 2 kiddos you need to assess each situation on a ad hoc basis. 

At night I tend to get a bit lazy.

To be fair im usually knackered and gagging to sleep by then (anyone with a newborn will be able to relate)

Tonight seems to be good so far for the wind and im thinking its time to go up to bed.

Wow I look tired. Kai on the other hand..

This is my view right now. You really cant beat snuggles with a baby whatever the age. Hes having a good giggle in his sleep,I’m glad one of us is having a good time. 

Please also excuse the double chin I just had a baby.That has to be the greatest line ever  thou Ive been told im not allowed to use that as a excuse anymore (the phrase “whatever” comes to mind)

How are you at bringing up the windypops (baby speak for wind)?


Night feeds 

One of the shitest parts of having a newborn has to be the night feeds (well for me it is anyway). Kai is 6 weeks now and waking on average every 3 hours for a feed. Its draining and i often find myself thinking jeez im too old for this shit lol 

Im a bit naughty il pop kai over my shoulder to wind him then before i know it were both snoozing. I cant help it he loves a snuggle. I know its really dangourous but i dont even feel myself drifting off to sleep. Touch wood i havent droped him yet 🙂

I started a tv series on prime calles Ray Donovon , i totally recomend it its been really good so far. 

Anyway its friday now which means my other half can help with the feeds. Im off to Bedfordshire:)

Kaisers development 

Baby Kai is 5 weeks on saturday. Time is just flying by its scary. 

Tonight he was giving my bestie some lovely smiles. Some will say its wind but i dont think so he doesn’t smile when hes straining to get out the poop or fart.

He’s interacting a little more now. When hes on his mat i see him looking around at his surroundings.

Check out the reuseable nappy in this pic more on that at a later date. He really looks so chilled here.

Im relishing every moment with Kai as I know it goes by so quickly. I hate the night feeds and im constantly exhausted but i just keep telling myself this is not forever  (we hope). 

Im making the most of all these snuggles before he turns one and doesnt need to cuddle mummy anymore. 

Have you had a baby lately what are you loving the most about the newborn stage?  

Sleep depreivation 

I cant say this for any other couple with a newborn but in our house I can safely say that I deal with being tired a whole lot better than my hubby. 

I think its a woman thing we tend to just get on with it. Theres still kids to dress and mouths to feed. The world doesn’t stop turning just because you didnt get your 8 hours uninterrupted shut eye.

Todays the hubs last day of paternity so im making the most of it. He’s in charge of the kids and ive gone back to bed. To sleep but also to pump, its not all chill and netflix this morning. 

Who deals with the tiredness better in your house?

The birthday party

Last night we were celebrating at my best friends 30th birthday party.

I was very impressed with the fact I had everyone fed,bathed, dressed and out the door by 7 pm (yes I’m bigging up my super mum powers)

The party was good fun but let me tell you a party with a toddler and being 8 months pregnant is definitely NOT the same as a party without kids or pregnancy. For a start I didn’t get drunk so there was no dancing or crazy antics.

Most of the night was spent stopping Max from falling down the only 3 steps in the joint, trying to climb up on the stage or doing a runner out the main door. 

At one point he realised there were balloons and he had about 20 minutes of him playing with those. 


The hubby helped but come 10.30 pm I was exhausted. I don’t get  out often so I was torn between wanting to curl up under the table for a nap and wanting to stay till the merry end.

Max had a bit of a unsettled night,probably overtired. Im hoping tonight he will sleep like a log.

Today were all knackered. I feel like I have the tiredness of a hangover without any of the fun.




The past few nights a have been a absolute nightmare for us and Max.

He’s usually a great sleeper but that seems to all have changed this week.

He goes to bed at 7 pm. This may seem early to some parents and I hate to say it but but 6.30 I’ve had enough. I want to eat my dinner and relax for a bit 

Max always seems to want to wake at least once between 7 and midnight. Were sooooo weak we usually go into him give him a cuddle and he goes back off. This is a really bad habit we’ve gotten ourselves into one we desperately need to break.

Monday night was the worse night for a while he woke about one and wouldn’t stop crying. Sometimes if we don’t go in he self settles but on Monday he wasn’t having any of it. Tensions were running high on our sleep deprived household so I just took him for cuddles downstairs.

As soon as he was picked up he fell asleep on my shoulder but everytime I’d put him down he’d wake up. Arrrgggh it was very frustrating.  So downstairs we went. I tried laying him on my chest but the weight on my bump was affecting  my ability to breathe 🙂 so I decided to make a makeshift bed on the front room floor from the cushions on the sofa. No easy feat one handed while holding a sleeping baby in the pitch black of night 

This worked untill about 3 am where I decided I’d had enough and back to bed we both went.

Last night was a repeat he cried and cried and cried so in I went. That didn’t do any good and eventually the hubby went in and managed to settle him (so annoying when that happens haha)

So today were trying something new. I’m cutting out the afternoon nap (this is devastating for me)to see if this is affecting his sleep. I tried to put him down at 11am but he just cried for 40 minutes so I got him up. We manged to get 45 mins out if him early afternoon and that’s it now till bedtime.

So far he seems ok but we’ll see come 5 pm.

This post may seem really boring to some of you but I know it’s nice for other parents to know there not alone in the struggle to get your toddler to sleep through.

Bump watch- week 24 (and 5 days)

These posts are getting later and later. It’s just hard sometimes to find the time. 



I’m so not great at taking pics if my belly in the mirror . I’ve been really lucky no real stretchmarks yet although I have a few on my legs from my last pregnancy.

I’ve been getting back pain again and sometimes my belly feels super tight. Oh best not to forget the fanny daggers as well. Sometimes I think the baby is just bouncing on my nonny  which is most defiantly not pleasant. 

The weeks seem to be whizzing by. There’s still so much to do which makes me feel slightly anxious.