Holy cow

This has turned out to be such a long night. 

We’ve had a lovely day, we spent time with family and it’s been great. 

Then came the dreaded bedtime.

The boy was tired he was rubbing his eyes at dinnertime. But did he want to sleep at bedtime, did he heck.

40 MINUTES! 40 MINUTES! Screaming and crying. 

We tried every approach to get Max off to sleep and in the end we had to let him CRY IT OUT! (Oh dear does that make us bad parents)

I can only think that he must be over tired. He’s not a great day time napper (that needs to change).

So he’s now in the land of nod and I can start to wind down.

On a different note I cooked chilli con carne from scratch for the first time tonight and I have to say it was quite tasty. I was quite proud of myself 🙂


2 thoughts on “Holy cow

  1. Just a quick note to say that it totally doesn’t make you bad parents. I hope you get some rest and that Max settles well for you tonight. Some days absolutely suck hey. It will get better. x


    • He is so much better now, thanks. I used to be on the baby center baby board and every time someone would even mention letting there baby cry they would get ripped to pieces by other posters lol


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