6 week check 

Today is mine and Kai’s 6 week check. 

Its come around so quick before we know it hel be having his jabs. Im not pro vaccianations but he will have the same jabs as Max and thats it.

Last night was a bit of a mare. Max didnt get off to sleep till quite late (the sod) he wasnt crying just playing and saying hello everytime one of us went to the toliet. 

Then to top it off Kai wouldnt settle,he had terrible bad wind. After much winding he finally went to sleep and didnt wake till 2.45 am fir his feed. Hes snoozing now in his chair. 

Max is spending the day with nanny today and we have the health vistior some point this afternoon. In between il have to fit in some housework (theres a pile of ironing with my name on it). It will also be nice to spend some one on one time with Kai. 

We’ve got a fair bit on this week visiting relatives going back to maxs class and a trip to legoland on friday. Its good to keep busy its so much easier to handle the boys when there occupied. 

*image courtsey of  pexels 


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