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Im taking a big step and taking my little blog self hosted. This means the blog may be out of action for a day or so bear with us … we will be back

Softplay shenanigans

Today we went to softplay with max’s cousin and aunt. We don’t usually go to softplay. It seems silly to spend sometimes up to a fiver when Max doesn’t really get much out of it.

I’m glad we went today he really enjoyed it. The area for the under 3’s or in this case under 3.5 ft (God help you if you have a tall child) was slightly pants. It consisted of a slide,a ball pit and a few soft cubes. This venue only charged  £3.00 which was reasonable but for what was avaliable is day light robbery.

There was all sort of kids there,some friendly some not so much. These sort of places I find a mind field when a kids being mean what do you do,it’s not really my place to tell someone else’s child off. Although if any child hurts my boy I would def speak up.

What are your experiences at places like softplay.


This was Max on the way home all that fun tuckered him out 🙂

What was in my hospital bag!

An oldie but a goodie for the new mums to be out there.

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My hospital bag waspart packed at 36 weeks and luckily so, as Maximus was born at 37 weeks and 5 days. A lot of first time mums aren’t sure of what they should be packing in the hospital bag (I just winged it). The idea is not to under pack or over pack, so below is a list of the main bits I packed. These are things that were needed and what I couldn’t have done without.

Mums Bag

  • Bath Towel – My hospital didn’t offer bath towels. After the birth I had a case of jelly legs and couldn’t have a shower, so instead I had some midwife sponge me down (you really do lose all dignity in child birth!). At that point I was too tired to care. I’d recommend taking a towel for your body and one for your hair.
  • Toiletries – In other words your tooth…

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Lets talk about dummies

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When your baby is screaming blue murder and it’s 2 am, trust me you will do anything to pacify them. How many mummy’s I wonder, swore they would never give their baby a dummy and have?

We never ruled outgiving Max a dummy. Preferably I wanted to wait until he really needed it.

For us it didn’t quite work out that way. It wasn’t the end of the world though. If he needs the extra comfort (whether it be a dummy or a thumb) then I will give it to him.

We really have tried every brand out there from the well-known big brands to the more budget friendly supermarket ones. We have always loved the MAM soothers but as they tend to be slightly higher in price we tend to have these as a treat.

Max (and mummy) were over the moon when MAM sent us some new ones…

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The new year is nearly upon us

I’ve been thinking this week about what my resolutions will be.

To be honest I never make them. Whats the point we never keep them.

I think that this year il make some,not for me but for my baby boy.

1. To get out there more. Try new things and speak to new people.

2. To help max with his development as much as humanly possible.

3. To stop stressing about other people and just concentrate on my family.

These are resolutions I think I can keep so let’s see how it goes.

Processed foods v’s Real food

I wanted to reblog some of my older posts as we come to the end of the year. I’d love to know peoples thoughts what are you opinions on the foods we give our children.

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There is no comparison. Real food wins hands down every time.

When I talk about processed food, I’m talking about microwaveable meals and the like. These types of food are loaded with sugar, salt and chemicals to extend the shelf life. I really hate the way supermarkets peddle these types of food as being a healthy diet for children.

Now I’m no angel, But I don’t feed these types of meals to my son. That doesn’t mean I never will but I will try my hardest to ensure he doesn’t have shit food like that.

We made a real grown up decision for me not to return to work. My new full time job will be raising my son (I like this position much more than the previous)

This means we’re going to be on a real tight budget (thank god for Aldi’s). The key to trying to stick to…

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